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Winter Wonderland Not!

Child Engagement:

So, you have survived your winter break with your child at home and they have officially returned to school. You are trying to get things back on track with yourself, maybe you set a New Year's resolution and you're hoping to be more involved with your child's teacher. I mean, they are dealing with some unimaginable behaviors at times and still manage to still come to work everyday! Now, how was your child's behavior at home? Were there any additional whining at meal times, over tiredness crying, tantrums in the Walmart parking lot, or did the TV keep them busy the entire break? All of these things are typical when a child spends too much time at home, but it is not a norm you want to adopt. A busy and tired child, is a well behaved child. But the question most parents have is, "how do I get them busy or involved?" Your first resource may be the teacher, she/he may have activities your child engages in during school hours that could potentially be an activity outside of the school. Plan play dates with other classmates, sensory movie times at AMC, sensory play dates at Chuck E. Cheeses, visiting museums and spending 1-2 hours out of the house each day will keep your child engaged.

Now, since break is over you now have things to think about for your next break! There are no "wrong or right" ways to keep your child engaged, but planning events help!

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