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I feel so guilty!

Often times, as a people, we will carry and place blame on things that do not matter. We seek to find the answer and to figure out what we did wrong to deserve this shame. This is an issue that is only magnified with parents of children with Autism. Guilt and shame are emotions that can feed on the fear of the unknown, and having a new diagnosis of Autism can bring about fear. This fear is real, and should not be taken lightly, but YOU did not do anything to "deserve" this shame and guilty. Your child happens to have a diagnosis with a brain disorder that requires intervention, teaching, and learning in a different manner. This manner of teaching may be foreign to you, but research shows that ABA is the only treatment for Autism. So don't feel guilty for having to let your child scream his lungs out in public. Do not feel ashamed when your child would not share and starting hitting the other kids at daycare. Do not apologize for your child having Autism, accept that they are individuals and need support. I am not saying that you shouldn't apologize to the parent of the child who your child hit, or to the teacher when her classroom is destroyed. But do not feel guilty, just become encouraged to seek services. Be proactive, not reactive to guilt and shame.

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