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My child has Autism, What now!?

Let's be real, you have every right to be nervous! All too often professionals and family members tell parents not to worry. But how can you not worry? How can you not be concerned with the quality of their life, how you can make it through the day to day activities, and if they will every be able to show you love? Being nervous is normal. Being scared is normal? Thinking about what "can" go wrong is normal, and I am here to tell you that NORMAL is what you want to be. If you do worry about these things, then you are not ready to get your child help. Worrying leads to movement and change. Research for yourself the needs and the things your child may need. Connect with a professional that wants your child to have the best things in life and then move forward. I am not here to tell you that worrying is something you should not do. Worry. Make a plan. Accomplish your goals. You can live through it, and so can your child.

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