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Learning Styles Should be Individualized

At Child Centered Solutions, we are committed to whole child teaching and learning. We know that intervention should be tailored to fit the needs of the individual child, while still incorporating family goals. We are more than Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), but interventionists that target the whole child. All services are provided by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA). We invite you to learn more about Child Centered Solutions and discover a service provider built for you.

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Building Blocks

ABA-Direct Service

Accepting clients on a rolling basis

Direct service is one to one therapy provided to the child. This service can be provided in daycare centers, schools, communities, and in-home. Currently, direct ABA services is provided for children 0-8 years old. Direct services for ages 9-21 are designed to build independence and to support the family with implementing goals without regular therapy. For example, ABA can be provided 5 hours a week to work with the child and the family at the same time to ensure that independence and goals are being met.

Little and Large

Family Training

Accepting clients on a rolling basis

Along with direct service, families will receive ongoing training on the child's goals. It is important for therapists, consultants, and all those that engage with the child to be well informed on treatment and progress. Family training is provided for ages 0-21 years old.

School Application

IEP/504 Planning

Accepting clients on a rolling basis

Individual Education Plans can be hard to understand and many people need support in understanding the document. Student advocacy and effective goals should be in place in the home and in the school setting.
New to special education? Not sure what should be added and what should be removed from your child's IEP? Need in-person advocacy during meetings?

Business Team

Staff Professional Training

Available for schools, businesses, and various organizations

Professional development and training is offered to outside companies, agencies, and schools that seek to learn more information on students with specials needs. Providing company wide training on a regular basis will lead to stronger employees and well informed colleagues. Training can include ABA, behavior management, classroom management, inclusion practices, developing effective IEP goals and direct coaching support.

Group Meeting

Family Support Meetings


Family support meetings will allow for families to come together in a social setting to talk about their child's goals, share testimonies, offer advise, and be supportive of each other. These meetings are meant to all families to find similarities and talk with other families to gain knowledge; and to make a new friend. Support groups are meant to be supportive of children at all levels, so whether you are new to understanding Autism, or have mastered household chores, we want you to come and share! Light refreshments will be served, and registration will be required. Get on our email list to find out more information. Coming soon!

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ABA Clinic

New: Bowie, Maryland

Currently accepting new clients ages 2-5 years for clinic and in-home services. Hours of operation are
Monday-Thursday 9:00a-1:00p

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About Us

Committed to Growth

Monique Williams, MEd, MS, BCBA, LBA
Certified Special Education Teacher, K-12th grade
Monique has obtained a Master's in Education, a Master's in Social and Community Services, is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and is licensed in the State of Maryland.
Monique has 10+ years of experience in the special education field, with the majority of her experience with students on the Autism Spectrum. She has worked in various settings, including schools, community, and in home. As a special education teacher she has worked with students in one to one settings, small group, and whole group settings. She is an expert in the field of behavior analysis and family training.

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We teach the whole child and move at developmental stages!

Reach Your Potential

Drawing & Coloring
Drawing & Coloring
Teacher Helping Student
Teacher Helping Student
Chalkboard Drawings
Chalkboard Drawings
Juicy Bite
Juicy Bite
Bathroom Tiles
Bathroom Tiles

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Q & A

Do you accept insurance?

We are currently accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield and Private Pay clients only.

When can services start?

After authorization and a full evaluation, services can start within 2 months. Once the evaluation is completed a treatment plan with programming goals and a behavior plan, will be completed so services can begin. If you have Medicaid, the start time may be extended if there aren't any staff available. More infomation can be shared during a phone consultation.

How Should I contact the company?

Most emails will be responded to within 2 business days. Prefer mode of communication is email, as phone calls can take up to 4 business days.

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Let us visit you!

Whether in the home or in the classroom, let us come observe your child to help create the best plan for them.

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